"Les Oubliés" - That's a wrap!

After 52 days of shooting we have officially wrapped principal photography at Moldova Film in Chisinau, Moldova.

It’s been a long two-plus months full of challenges and new encounters. The experience has been extremely rewarding from an artistic point and I feel extremely grateful to have been afforded this opportunity. A big thanks to Sonia Medina and Jeremie Beller at Esperanza Production in Paris and Mihai and Nicu Tarna in Moldova for entrusting me with their project.

It’s not often that you’re handed the keys to such a great script with so many wonderful actors and told to run with it. And it’s not often that you’re gifted such a wonderful crew to run with - thank you all!

Now the project heads to post production, which will be supervised in Paris by Esperanza and in Kiev by Andrei Romaliski. A long, important process for this film that I’m going to be following closely.